Friday, October 30, 2009

John Jamali Disco/Slow Chug mix

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I will provide a full list of the records played with a discogs link once I have finished my exams. Here is a quick list of some artists featured -
Heaven 17,Linkwood,Afee Iku, ORS - Body to Body Boogie, Arnold Jarvis, Chic booty, Phoreski, Richard Gateaux - fat fuk recordings, Marc e, Discodeine.

Remember I told you all how I found a really nice 7 inch while I was digging up in Newcastle? I only really enjoyed the B-side instrumental and even went as far to say that the A side was an "average" record. I never thought I would like the A-side of the Heaven 17 track, it seemed so tragic. But, I guess my tastes have changed and I decided to play it in this mix (second last track) and did not mind it at all. In fact, I would say my hearts bpm was nudged forward a couple of beats ;), haha get it?

As promised, more later.

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