Sunday, August 30, 2009

With Photos

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I raided my garage and found some old records I have not seen in a long time and decided to wipe some dust off them and give them a play again.

I promise I will give you all a run down of what is spun once I have finished my exams. Discogs links and some fancy jj descriptions included of course ;)

For now peace and 5 words - DJ Vadim is the man.

50 minute mix of funk,hip hop, boogie and disco jams.

Rode Drive – High Steppin
Alphonse Mouzon – By all means
FT Sunny – Pink Stilettos
Dj Vadim - Thril 103
Shabira Jade – Thrillseeker
Candlelight & Wine – September in the rain
Joe Jackson – Target
Joe Jackson – Steppin Out
In the heat of the night – Illusion
Disco Deviance – Hello Herbie
Elkin & Nelsin – Jibaro
Mark e – even stevens
George Benson – Inside Love (so personal)
Orient Express – Shine on
State of grace – That’s when we’ll be free (vocal)
Rick James – Give it to me baby (instrumental)
Marc e – rummage through a pack of potatoes

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Burning Gum Leaves and Super Giant 45s

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Well, I had a tough day at the rat races today. I worked very hard and came home a tad stressed. After a nice meal I decided it was time to put on some tunes and unwind. Being the nice guy I am, I recorded it for you all.

Vangelis - Love Theme From “Bladerunner”
Cpen – African Jack (JT Donaldson mute pass)
Moodymann - …during soundcheck
The Voltaire Brothers featuring Mick Collins – Which One (Mahogani Music)
Crusaders – Carnival of the night
Lamont Dozier – Out Here On My Own
Simple Minds – Love Song/This Earth That You Walk Upon
Café Crème – Dreaming (from Once Upon a Time in America Soundtrack?)
(Monkman) Intersong – Des Irae
Jean Beauvoir – Feel The Heat (From Stallone – Cobra soundtrack)
Mike Oldfield – Guilty (Mushroom)
Simple Minds – Love Song
Giorgio Moroder with Phillip Oakey – Together in Electric Dreams (Extended)
The New Marketts – Song From Mash (M. Altman J.Mandel) [7 Records]
Pointer Sisters – Happiness (Allen Toussaint)

I am not too sure why I put the George Benson record in the picture, it was not played. So just disregard that. This is a disclaimer for all you trainspotters out there. ;)

Discogs - Vangelis - Themes - I have had this LP for a while but never really sat down to give it some proper attention. When I had a listen to the flip, the first track really struck me. It is one of the most romantic tracks I have ever heard. I am still not sure what emotion it has flamed up inside of me. My spine was definately tingling! I will have to get around to watching bladerunner this weekend, for the first time. Lets hope the movie is just as good as the score. This track really grabbed me and the mix is titled Burning Gum Leaves as a Tribute to the Score. Why? Well because my copy sounds like there are gum leaves burning in the background.

Discogs - Cpen - African Jack Remixes - The sax in the Vangelis Score got my blood flowing so much I decided to follow it up with another great sax track but this time from a new record. This Cpen release back from 2008 really brings the classic deep sound back. I enjoyed this release, thanks Cpen. Who said house had to be boring!

Discogs - Moody* - Anotha Black Sunday - Moodymann's latest album. I still prefer - Discogs - Det.riot '67 - This has been my favourite recent release from Moody, however he still kills it on this LP and nothing can be faulted. A great modern artist with an even better attitude- forget what everyone else thinks and just do what makes you happy. His rants sound very similar to those of Omar S, there must be something in the water in Detroit.

Finally, a quick word on the cover art has to be made. It is truly awesome. Moodymann's vinyl only releases coupled with his quircky attitude and artwork really appeals to his fanbase. Good on him for providing his fans something different in a faceless digital distribution system.

Discogs - Voltaire Brothers, The* Featuring Mick Collins Which One - Again playing hommage to Moodymann and the Mahogani music label.

Discogs - Crusaders* - Street Life - A great Funk/Jazz LP with lots of groove and swing. Serious music that will get the party jamming!

This mix features bits of Leftfield, Future Jazz, Disco and Rock from the late 70's and 80s. Most of them are the ones titled 12 inch singles or Super Giant 45's in the photo. I will give you a discogs link of some below, description wise I will try my best. But, as this is the first time I have really played these records I do not know which one is which. Is the Mike Oldfield record the mellow cosmic track or the italo sounding record? Who knows! I know it as the record with the red label that has a Super Giant 45 cover, ahaha.

Discogs - Mike Oldfield - Guilty

Discogs - New Marketts, The* - Song From M*A*S*H - A nice 70s disco tune. The MASH theme makes it sound, well, a little bit cheesy. However, it features a wicked disco instrumental. My copy is actually an Australian pressing on 7Records which was made in Australia in 1978. I could not find it on Discogs.

Discogs - Dies Irae / March To The Scaffold - This is the Prog Rock number.

Discogs - Café Crème - Unlimited Citations - Am I going crazy? Or, is this track on the "Once Upon A Time in America" soundtrack? I have heard something very similar to this on that movie. This record really got me thinking on how much I want that soundtrack. And, even more, the Bloodsport Soundtrack. Discogs - Paul Hertzog - Bloodsport - Original Soundtrack. WHO HAS IT? This is definately on top of my 'to find list'.

Discogs - Various - Cobra (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - On the note of soundtracks, here is the Stallone COBRA one. I love the Jean Beauvoir track feel the heat. It really packs some heat, cheesy yes, but it has a real good 80s 'getting ready for the gym' vibe.

Discogs - Pointer Sisters - Happiness - I found the 12 inch version! According to the discogs link this track was featured on Donnie Brasco? I can't remember that. I guess I will have to watch Donnie Brasco on the weekend straight after Bladerunner.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Party Mix

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A disco party mix. Loads of classic party jams (both new and old). I end the mix with downtempo hip hop/trip hop. Sorry for some of the average mixing and slip ups. I was just having way too much fun listening to these jams. Promoters take note, I can mix better! hahaha, ;)

This tracklist will take me a while to formulate, to be honest most of the tracks I know only from the covers and not by name. Well, I know which record it is from, but as I play 2 tracks from most of the eps I do not know which track is which. Regardless, I will give you links to discogs of some of the special ones as per usual.

Discogs - Blackdisco - The Soft Rocks EP - A KILLER unofficial disco/cosmic release. In fact, so unofficial that it is labelled as a 45, when really it should be played on 33. I do no know if this is a faulty press but some of the tracks sound a bit too slow on 33 and too fast on 45. I played 3 tracks from this ep, all tracks have a different vibe and are all equally good. A recommended buy. If anyone knows if these tracks are new, represses, edits or whatever, let me know. I have been buying lots of new music recently only to find out that they were not in fact newly produced but just repressed or edited.

Discogs - Phoreski - Slow Me Down. This record reminds me so much of this guys work. Check out his blog, he is an aussie producer and dj who puts out great stuff. JulienLove - I highly recommend it.

Discogs - Hercules And Love Affair* - Blind - Frankie Knuckles on the remix treatment on this nice tune. I know this one is new (yes 2007 is new) but you never know if it has been covered from an older track

Discogs - Trouble funk - supergrit. Playful happy funk. This track should brighten up anyone's day.

Discogs -Orient Express - Shine On - This one I picked up during one of my digging trips at a local locksmith who also sells records. Really nice 80s track. I am not too sure if this had commercial success in the 80s.

Discogs - Magnifique - Magnifique - In my last mix I played part 1, this mix features part 11. Reissue of a very sexy disco/italo record from 79.

Discogs - Nightmares On Wax - Thought So ... - Towards the end where I play trip hop few of the tunes are from this album. Trip hop with a funky vibe, get on it!

And of course classics from the Gap Band, Rick James - Give it to me, Grandmasterflash - White lines, The Brothers Johnson - Lets Swing/Stomp and of course the main man Gino Soccio.