Sunday, June 28, 2009

Quantise me

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A 50 minute mix I threw together of some records I have bought over the past 12 months and enjoyed.

It feels good playing 4/4 tunes again, my brain says thank you to the quantise button :). Nothing beats raw live production without machine like characteristics, but I needed a break and was enjoying the groove.

I might burn some higher quality audio cds (.wave) of this mix and give them to Profile Music for use as a new demo. Visit the shop to get the copy if you dig the mix, I may even add some cover art. My mixes are uploaded mostly at 192kbs which I believe is not bad for preview purposes and ipod usage. In fact, I think it is the best way to expose artists and force people to go out and buy the better quality versions if they like it and want it for themselves. I personally would never upload anything higher than 192kbs. Time and bandwith are another factor.

Grace Jones – William’s Blood (Greg Wilson Version)
Daniel Wang – Like Some Dream [Tirk]
Crazy P – Lie Lost (Hot Tuddy Dub)
Whodini – It’s All In Mr. Magic’s Wand
Kelley Polar – Entropy Reigns (Album Version)
Videosex – The Apostate [m-division]
Matias Aguayo – De Papel (original)
The Detroit Experiment – Think Twice
Jazzanova – I can see (instrumental)
Nick Chacona & Anthony Mansfield – Oh Snap (Ilija Rudman)
Groove Armada – The Girls Say (Greg Wilson Version)
For Disco Only – Magenta
Findlay Brown – All that I have (Lord Skywave)
Marc E – Rummage Through A Sack Of Potatoes
Norma Jean Bell – Do You Wanna Party? (Original KDJ Mix)
Groove Armada – Love Sweet Sound (Greg Wilson Version)
Loui$ - Pink Footpath (Instrumental)

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