Sunday, June 28, 2009

Quantise me

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A 50 minute mix I threw together of some records I have bought over the past 12 months and enjoyed.

It feels good playing 4/4 tunes again, my brain says thank you to the quantise button :). Nothing beats raw live production without machine like characteristics, but I needed a break and was enjoying the groove.

I might burn some higher quality audio cds (.wave) of this mix and give them to Profile Music for use as a new demo. Visit the shop to get the copy if you dig the mix, I may even add some cover art. My mixes are uploaded mostly at 192kbs which I believe is not bad for preview purposes and ipod usage. In fact, I think it is the best way to expose artists and force people to go out and buy the better quality versions if they like it and want it for themselves. I personally would never upload anything higher than 192kbs. Time and bandwith are another factor.

Grace Jones – William’s Blood (Greg Wilson Version)
Daniel Wang – Like Some Dream [Tirk]
Crazy P – Lie Lost (Hot Tuddy Dub)
Whodini – It’s All In Mr. Magic’s Wand
Kelley Polar – Entropy Reigns (Album Version)
Videosex – The Apostate [m-division]
Matias Aguayo – De Papel (original)
The Detroit Experiment – Think Twice
Jazzanova – I can see (instrumental)
Nick Chacona & Anthony Mansfield – Oh Snap (Ilija Rudman)
Groove Armada – The Girls Say (Greg Wilson Version)
For Disco Only – Magenta
Findlay Brown – All that I have (Lord Skywave)
Marc E – Rummage Through A Sack Of Potatoes
Norma Jean Bell – Do You Wanna Party? (Original KDJ Mix)
Groove Armada – Love Sweet Sound (Greg Wilson Version)
Loui$ - Pink Footpath (Instrumental)

Monday, June 15, 2009

John Jamali 70hop

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A 50 minute mix of 40's mood pieces, hip hop, cosmic disco,80's pop and 70's disco

Some of you may complain about low fi sounds and the crackles and pops of old records. Personally, I love them and believe it adds another dimension to the track. There is a reason why producers these days try to replicate it, our ears have grown to love that warm fuzzy sound.

Sexy Sax - Cha Cha For Gina
Luiz Carlos Vinhas - Nem O Mar Sabia
Sexy Sax - Mon Cherie
Dj Vadim Ft Heidi Vogel - Beijos
Josef Myro and Kim Gannon - Autumn Nocturne
Dj Vadim - Rock Dem Hot
My Name is Bohannon - Summertime Groove
Moodymann - Det.Riot
Ritmolider - Tonight at the Discotheque
Hot City - If All we're gonna do is dance
Francine McGEE - Feelin' Good
Ritmolider - Futuristic Romance
Boney M - He was a steppenwolf
Depeche Mode - Stripped (highland mix)
Dj Vadim - Tj he ma ne toddy
Chess - One Night in Bankgkok
Gepy & Gepy - African Love Song(Kotey edit)
Osibisa - The Lion's Walk
Hot City - I took His Money
Rufus & Chaka Khan - Any love

I tried to play some older tracks in this mix. I am currently enjoying some older jazz, film scores and dance band records. The first track Cha Cha for Gina was taken from the following album - Sexy Sax - The Oscar Volk Orchestra. I have tried to research this record but there does not seem to be much information on it. Regardless, it is a gem that I really dig. Autumn Nocturne by Josef Myrow and Kim Gannon was an extremely popular mood piece for dance bands in the 40s, very warm. Mood Music for relaxation! Again, I really love the crackling in these tracks.

I have been ranting and raving about Dj Vadims new album quite a lot this week, but it seriously features some top notch tunes. I have played some tracks from his latest album again. Dj Vadim Ft Heidi Vogel - Beijos, is so far, up there on my favourite tune list for 2009.

The Vadim album is the third quality release on BBE over a year. I am still going on about the Dj Marky compilation which was released on BBE last year. In fact, the final Rufus and Chaka Khan track has been taken from that compilation (sorry for ruining the track by playing it at +6). The Dj Marky 3 x LP is a must for djs who want various sounds to play in lounge/bars.

Rumour has it that Pepe Braddock is releasing a new album very soon on BBE, going by what has been put out recently on BBE I am anticipating it is going to be the real deal in deepness.

Finally, a record that deserves some mention ,Hott City - Ain't Love Grand - discogs . I managed to find an old promo copy at a garage sale. A really cool cover and more importantly record. I have not played much 70s disco in a while and decided it was time to pull this one out. Probably the crackliest low fi 70s disco record I have lying around the house, so it made the cut for this mix. : )

The want it list vs the have list on discogs suggests this may start to become quite pricey. I doubt I will ever sell my copy. But is it worth the 50 euro price tag some people are asking? If you love your 70s disco then yes it is!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Swatvac ;)

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1 hour mix of Acid, cosmic disco, glitch hop and drum and bass

Alexander robotnick – obsession (andy blake’s analogue obsession) [Dissident]
Armando – 151 (Terrace mix)
Laurent Garnier – Gnanmankoudji
Hercule – Sunday Morning Fever
Pepe Braddock – Pistes Insolites (promo)
Panoptikum – Gluckskugel
Airey Dun – Cockney wide boy
Arms Neumond – Late night flight
M Collins/ K Dixon Jnr – Aggregate Goals [Mahogany Music]
Mafia Sound System – Angelic Sphere
Luna Flicks - Eurora
Mafia Sound System – Ternary Beat
Depeche Mode – A pain that I’m used to (Bitstream spansule mix)
Hashim – Al-Naafiysh (the soul)
Dj Trace – Miles High (Dj Marky re-work)
Marcus intalex – Astro Dance ep b1
Marcus intalex – Astro Dance ep a2
Marcus intalex – Astro Dance ep a1