Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quick Laydown

A quick 20 minute mix

Quick Laydown

1)Richard Gateaux - Shadows

2)Heaven 17 - Let Me Go (instrumental)

3)State Of Grace - That's When We'll Be Free

4)The Detroit Experiment - Think Twice (mark E Remix)

5)Jorge Ben - Oe Oe Faz O Carro De Boi Na Estrada

6) Ray Parker Jr. - For Those Who Like To Groove

This mix goes out to the new remixes of think twice.

Two separate records released on junorecords 10th anniversary series. The remixes have been released on different 12 inch singles and are the first records this year to give me that awesome tingle and shiver. Tell me what you all think.

Discogs 1st Remix

Discogs 2nd Remix

Another record I picked up recently from Northside, which I have to say is one of Melbourne's finest second hand stores - "State of Grace - That's when we'll be free." I did not expect it to be such a ripper. I think I will be playing this one alot Discogs .

Some of the more recent stuff on environ sounds a lot like this, what a tune made back in 1982. I have been told by my youtube buddies that back in the early 80's this was a classic on kiss and local disc jokies would play it on end. I will try to feature the b-side again in a mix as both mixes are ace.

While up in NSW, I also managed to hunt down this 7 inch - Discogs. A crazy b-side instrumental of an ordinary tune.

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