Saturday, April 11, 2009

Deep House Mix

Deep House Mix

Here is an older mix I did where I was laying down some deep house. Circa 98-2002 records where being played towards the end, some real nice ones. I am a big fan of this sound and have been trying to find more records with that warmth that labels like 'nuphonic' and 'seasons' etc were releasing back in those good ol days.

My favourite is the CPEN whitelabel promo which was subsequently released on seasons back in 2002 Discogs. I am not sure if my version is any different to the release on seasons. This record deserves lots of praise, CPEN has produced some awesome analogue warmth in all 4 tunes on the ep. Nice one CPEN, his new music is great as well - legend.

Also, this mix features one of my fav house tunes from 2006. This tune was being put in every techno and house mix I was hearing but the actual record itself was so hard to come across in Australia. Don't worry, it has been reissued now and released on traxsource. Before all this, it was going for a good $100USD. Discogs.

1) Nite Grooves - Mode
2) Japanese Synchro System - High Touch
3) Boo Williams And Adem Pickell - Calipso For The Masses
4) Lenny Fontana - Mystical Journey
5) Jay West - Abscense
6) Giattino - Released Pressure
7) Audio Soul Project - Everything Is Alright (Francois K Acapella)
8) Audio Soul Project - Everything Is Alright (Audio Soul Dark Touch)
9) Mr White - The Sun Cant Compare
10) Kerri Chandler - Atmosphere
11) Blueless - Ok
12) Sindacops - Happy Prive
13) Sarah Jane Morris - Ever Gonna Make It
14) CPEN - Whitelable
15) Soul Motive - Nightshift Ep
16) Cpen - White Lable
17) Soul Motive - White Lable
18) Glen Underground - Jazz Mode
19) CPEN - White Label
20) Glen Underground - Trak A1 70$
21) Cpen - Options

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