Monday, December 21, 2009

John Jamali - Mama Jam

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A new Trip/Glitch Hop style track I am working on. Here is a lower quality cut for you all. The track has not been mastered or mixed yet, I will get round to doing this when I am in the correct state of mind. So turn it up LOUD! The way intended to be played. ;)

Edit -

Finished Recording.

Mama Jam by jayjsmooth

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

John Jamali - old, new and old made new again.

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Noid 0108 – Blow me slow
Marvin Gaye – Whats Going On ( Eddie Scissors Edits)
Laid Back – Fly Away
Wang Chung – The Waves (Instrumental)
Escape From New York – Fire in my heart
Grace Jones – Nipple To The Bottle
Yellow Power – Hai Samurai
Fishbelly Black – The Muse (produced by George Mitchell)
The San Sebastian Strings – The Gypsy Camp
Fudge Fingas - Situation Diminished
Moodymann – Heaven (KDJ Records)
Gregory Isaacs – Cool Down The Pace ( 10 inch mix)
2000f & J Kamata – You Don’t Know What Love is (Hyperdub)
Make Dance
Eugene Wilde – Gotta Get You Home Tonight (Vocal)
Mayer Hawthorne – I Wish It Would Rain ( Instrumental)
The Brothers Johnson – Strawberry Letter

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


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One day I hope to own my own Bozak.

The tracklist will be provided on Monday.

Friday, October 30, 2009

John Jamali Disco/Slow Chug mix

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I will provide a full list of the records played with a discogs link once I have finished my exams. Here is a quick list of some artists featured -
Heaven 17,Linkwood,Afee Iku, ORS - Body to Body Boogie, Arnold Jarvis, Chic booty, Phoreski, Richard Gateaux - fat fuk recordings, Marc e, Discodeine.

Remember I told you all how I found a really nice 7 inch while I was digging up in Newcastle? I only really enjoyed the B-side instrumental and even went as far to say that the A side was an "average" record. I never thought I would like the A-side of the Heaven 17 track, it seemed so tragic. But, I guess my tastes have changed and I decided to play it in this mix (second last track) and did not mind it at all. In fact, I would say my hearts bpm was nudged forward a couple of beats ;), haha get it?

As promised, more later.

Monday, September 21, 2009

John Jamali Cosmic Deep Mix

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Here is a live mix I did at a party a while ago, the booth had a pair of Behringer truths and I am still surprised at how loud I was able to get them cranking. It was almost sufficient to actually use to monitor the main system ahhaahha, ok well that is an exaggeration, ‘almost’ being the key word.

I recently went back to this venue and they had removed their 1200 mk11's - what a shame. I decided to upload this on divshare as a few of you were asking for it. This time I have included a proper track listing. This turned out to be quite a lengthy process. I physically had to dig through my collection and locate potential records that could have been used. Once I did this I went through at least 50 records until I found the right tracks in the mix. Recovering the record itself was not the problem, trying to actually figure the individual track is where I got stuck. I am the sort of guy that visualises music by cover art so locating the actual track names ended up to be quite a tedious task. However, some things just have to be done, I hope those of you asking for the track i.d of the last tune are happy now ;).

1) Domu - Dub Journey
2) Dubious - The One Spot
3) Domu - Dub Journey
4) Dubious - Deco Drive
5) Randaberg Ego Ensemble - Vestamaran (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
6) Lindstrom & Prins Thomas -Forelopig Bit
7) Ytre Rymden Dansskola - Madgadrag
8) Lindstrom & Prins Thomas - Turkish Deligh
9) Kusjid Olaus - Vestamaran
10)The Earons - Land of Hunger
11)Faze Action - Spark (Dub Mix)
12)Fab Tack- House of Funk
13)Faze Action - Hypnotic
14) Groove Armada - The Girls (Greg Wilson Version)
15) Victor - Dance Connection
16) Dance Connection - Marimba Walk (John Groves/Dirk Steffens)

Discogs - Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas. Some pearlers from Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, awesome modern cosmic tunes are packed into this LP. It got my head turning!

Discogs - Domu - Discotech EP II.Domu brings back some quality deep house with this release.

Discogs - The Earons - Land Of Hunger. A suprise record I picked up at a garage sale from an old dude living in a mansion in Brighton, purchased purely for the cover but turned out to be quite the number.

Discogs - Groove Armada - Greg Wilson Versions. Finally, another one to look out for (limited to 300 copies). Nice one GREG! Although, are they really much different from the originals?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

With Photos

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I raided my garage and found some old records I have not seen in a long time and decided to wipe some dust off them and give them a play again.

I promise I will give you all a run down of what is spun once I have finished my exams. Discogs links and some fancy jj descriptions included of course ;)

For now peace and 5 words - DJ Vadim is the man.

50 minute mix of funk,hip hop, boogie and disco jams.

Rode Drive – High Steppin
Alphonse Mouzon – By all means
FT Sunny – Pink Stilettos
Dj Vadim - Thril 103
Shabira Jade – Thrillseeker
Candlelight & Wine – September in the rain
Joe Jackson – Target
Joe Jackson – Steppin Out
In the heat of the night – Illusion
Disco Deviance – Hello Herbie
Elkin & Nelsin – Jibaro
Mark e – even stevens
George Benson – Inside Love (so personal)
Orient Express – Shine on
State of grace – That’s when we’ll be free (vocal)
Rick James – Give it to me baby (instrumental)
Marc e – rummage through a pack of potatoes

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Burning Gum Leaves and Super Giant 45s

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Well, I had a tough day at the rat races today. I worked very hard and came home a tad stressed. After a nice meal I decided it was time to put on some tunes and unwind. Being the nice guy I am, I recorded it for you all.

Vangelis - Love Theme From “Bladerunner”
Cpen – African Jack (JT Donaldson mute pass)
Moodymann - …during soundcheck
The Voltaire Brothers featuring Mick Collins – Which One (Mahogani Music)
Crusaders – Carnival of the night
Lamont Dozier – Out Here On My Own
Simple Minds – Love Song/This Earth That You Walk Upon
Café Crème – Dreaming (from Once Upon a Time in America Soundtrack?)
(Monkman) Intersong – Des Irae
Jean Beauvoir – Feel The Heat (From Stallone – Cobra soundtrack)
Mike Oldfield – Guilty (Mushroom)
Simple Minds – Love Song
Giorgio Moroder with Phillip Oakey – Together in Electric Dreams (Extended)
The New Marketts – Song From Mash (M. Altman J.Mandel) [7 Records]
Pointer Sisters – Happiness (Allen Toussaint)

I am not too sure why I put the George Benson record in the picture, it was not played. So just disregard that. This is a disclaimer for all you trainspotters out there. ;)

Discogs - Vangelis - Themes - I have had this LP for a while but never really sat down to give it some proper attention. When I had a listen to the flip, the first track really struck me. It is one of the most romantic tracks I have ever heard. I am still not sure what emotion it has flamed up inside of me. My spine was definately tingling! I will have to get around to watching bladerunner this weekend, for the first time. Lets hope the movie is just as good as the score. This track really grabbed me and the mix is titled Burning Gum Leaves as a Tribute to the Score. Why? Well because my copy sounds like there are gum leaves burning in the background.

Discogs - Cpen - African Jack Remixes - The sax in the Vangelis Score got my blood flowing so much I decided to follow it up with another great sax track but this time from a new record. This Cpen release back from 2008 really brings the classic deep sound back. I enjoyed this release, thanks Cpen. Who said house had to be boring!

Discogs - Moody* - Anotha Black Sunday - Moodymann's latest album. I still prefer - Discogs - Det.riot '67 - This has been my favourite recent release from Moody, however he still kills it on this LP and nothing can be faulted. A great modern artist with an even better attitude- forget what everyone else thinks and just do what makes you happy. His rants sound very similar to those of Omar S, there must be something in the water in Detroit.

Finally, a quick word on the cover art has to be made. It is truly awesome. Moodymann's vinyl only releases coupled with his quircky attitude and artwork really appeals to his fanbase. Good on him for providing his fans something different in a faceless digital distribution system.

Discogs - Voltaire Brothers, The* Featuring Mick Collins Which One - Again playing hommage to Moodymann and the Mahogani music label.

Discogs - Crusaders* - Street Life - A great Funk/Jazz LP with lots of groove and swing. Serious music that will get the party jamming!

This mix features bits of Leftfield, Future Jazz, Disco and Rock from the late 70's and 80s. Most of them are the ones titled 12 inch singles or Super Giant 45's in the photo. I will give you a discogs link of some below, description wise I will try my best. But, as this is the first time I have really played these records I do not know which one is which. Is the Mike Oldfield record the mellow cosmic track or the italo sounding record? Who knows! I know it as the record with the red label that has a Super Giant 45 cover, ahaha.

Discogs - Mike Oldfield - Guilty

Discogs - New Marketts, The* - Song From M*A*S*H - A nice 70s disco tune. The MASH theme makes it sound, well, a little bit cheesy. However, it features a wicked disco instrumental. My copy is actually an Australian pressing on 7Records which was made in Australia in 1978. I could not find it on Discogs.

Discogs - Dies Irae / March To The Scaffold - This is the Prog Rock number.

Discogs - Café Crème - Unlimited Citations - Am I going crazy? Or, is this track on the "Once Upon A Time in America" soundtrack? I have heard something very similar to this on that movie. This record really got me thinking on how much I want that soundtrack. And, even more, the Bloodsport Soundtrack. Discogs - Paul Hertzog - Bloodsport - Original Soundtrack. WHO HAS IT? This is definately on top of my 'to find list'.

Discogs - Various - Cobra (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - On the note of soundtracks, here is the Stallone COBRA one. I love the Jean Beauvoir track feel the heat. It really packs some heat, cheesy yes, but it has a real good 80s 'getting ready for the gym' vibe.

Discogs - Pointer Sisters - Happiness - I found the 12 inch version! According to the discogs link this track was featured on Donnie Brasco? I can't remember that. I guess I will have to watch Donnie Brasco on the weekend straight after Bladerunner.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Party Mix

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A disco party mix. Loads of classic party jams (both new and old). I end the mix with downtempo hip hop/trip hop. Sorry for some of the average mixing and slip ups. I was just having way too much fun listening to these jams. Promoters take note, I can mix better! hahaha, ;)

This tracklist will take me a while to formulate, to be honest most of the tracks I know only from the covers and not by name. Well, I know which record it is from, but as I play 2 tracks from most of the eps I do not know which track is which. Regardless, I will give you links to discogs of some of the special ones as per usual.

Discogs - Blackdisco - The Soft Rocks EP - A KILLER unofficial disco/cosmic release. In fact, so unofficial that it is labelled as a 45, when really it should be played on 33. I do no know if this is a faulty press but some of the tracks sound a bit too slow on 33 and too fast on 45. I played 3 tracks from this ep, all tracks have a different vibe and are all equally good. A recommended buy. If anyone knows if these tracks are new, represses, edits or whatever, let me know. I have been buying lots of new music recently only to find out that they were not in fact newly produced but just repressed or edited.

Discogs - Phoreski - Slow Me Down. This record reminds me so much of this guys work. Check out his blog, he is an aussie producer and dj who puts out great stuff. JulienLove - I highly recommend it.

Discogs - Hercules And Love Affair* - Blind - Frankie Knuckles on the remix treatment on this nice tune. I know this one is new (yes 2007 is new) but you never know if it has been covered from an older track

Discogs - Trouble funk - supergrit. Playful happy funk. This track should brighten up anyone's day.

Discogs -Orient Express - Shine On - This one I picked up during one of my digging trips at a local locksmith who also sells records. Really nice 80s track. I am not too sure if this had commercial success in the 80s.

Discogs - Magnifique - Magnifique - In my last mix I played part 1, this mix features part 11. Reissue of a very sexy disco/italo record from 79.

Discogs - Nightmares On Wax - Thought So ... - Towards the end where I play trip hop few of the tunes are from this album. Trip hop with a funky vibe, get on it!

And of course classics from the Gap Band, Rick James - Give it to me, Grandmasterflash - White lines, The Brothers Johnson - Lets Swing/Stomp and of course the main man Gino Soccio.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

John Jamali ByeAtmosphere mix

Stream or download it here

Stream and/or download mix

Well goodbye to my original copy (not the crappy 08 repress) of Kerri Chandlers Atmosphere ep. While in the mix it started skipping and I have tried cleaning it but it’s still jumping. R.I.P! Another sad moment this week was the closing down of Hear Now. It brings a tear to my eye ever time a record shop closes in Melbourne. Essentially, this means less people are buying music and if less people are buying music it means making tunes is not viable and therefore independent labels suffer. This is something I do not want to get into right now, maybe another time.

Anyway, this mix features 4-5 older records purchased from Hear Now, played as a tribute, and 5 new records I purchased this week (well some relatively new stuff).

The last track is one of the coolest modern soul records I have heard in a while. Mayer Hawthorne’s “Maybe So, Maybe No” 12 inch is amazing. Although it is a cover of an old 60s soul piece, it really hits the spot. Some dope instrumentals as well. Discogs

Discogs. Sorry, But dubstep was not created in 2009.

Siamese – Magnifique Part 1
Mutant Beat Dance – In a Daze feat Eric D Clark
Unknown – White
Chicken Lips – Bad Skin
Mutant Beat Dance - In a Daze (F.S.Y Dub)
Boswick Gates – You are the reason
G Corp – No Burial ( The Burial Mix)
Hanna – Red Sea
Phoreski – Air Shark
Hanna – The Rose
Kerri Chandler – Atmosphere E.P
Radiance – You’re My Number one (Dub)
Lenny White – My turn to Love You (Dub)
Cloud – Steppin Out Jam (Dub)
Mayer Hawthorne - Maybe So, Maybe No (Vocal)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

John Jamali Love Song Dedications

Direct Download

This one goes out to Richard Mercer.

Chromeo - 100%
Earth Wind and Fire – Let’s Groove
Chromeo – Bonafied Lovin
ABC – The Look of Love (Part two)
Harvey Mason – Groovin’ You
Arthur Adams – You Got The Floor
Narda Michael Walden – I Shoulda Loved Ya
Melba Moore – Love’s Comin’ at ya
Evelyn Champagne King – Your Personal Touch
Brass Construction – Physical Attraction
Fatback –The Girl Is Fine (So fine)
Kleer – Tonight
Gwen McCrae – Funky Sensation
Kleer – Intimate Connection
Basement Soul – Girl you Knock me out (KAT – promo)
Tommy Stewart – Hot Box
The Band AKA – Funk Down
Ohio Players – Sweet Sticky Thing
Blair – Nightlife

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Deeeep mix

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Direct Download

My first post on this blog was to a deep house mix of tunes from 1998-2002 which I had mixed. Well, here is a new deep mix that showcases newer sounds which I enjoy. This mix is more stripped back and raw, definately a different deep vibe. Think Omar S and Pepe etc. In fact, I have played two new Pepe Braddock records in this mix. He is releasing his mix CD very soon. A track list and update will be provided tomorrow. For the time being, enjoy!

Stay tuned to the final two records. Real pearlers. The final track has been recorded in two english lads home studios using vintage synths and production methods. More soon!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Quantise me

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Direct Download

A 50 minute mix I threw together of some records I have bought over the past 12 months and enjoyed.

It feels good playing 4/4 tunes again, my brain says thank you to the quantise button :). Nothing beats raw live production without machine like characteristics, but I needed a break and was enjoying the groove.

I might burn some higher quality audio cds (.wave) of this mix and give them to Profile Music for use as a new demo. Visit the shop to get the copy if you dig the mix, I may even add some cover art. My mixes are uploaded mostly at 192kbs which I believe is not bad for preview purposes and ipod usage. In fact, I think it is the best way to expose artists and force people to go out and buy the better quality versions if they like it and want it for themselves. I personally would never upload anything higher than 192kbs. Time and bandwith are another factor.

Grace Jones – William’s Blood (Greg Wilson Version)
Daniel Wang – Like Some Dream [Tirk]
Crazy P – Lie Lost (Hot Tuddy Dub)
Whodini – It’s All In Mr. Magic’s Wand
Kelley Polar – Entropy Reigns (Album Version)
Videosex – The Apostate [m-division]
Matias Aguayo – De Papel (original)
The Detroit Experiment – Think Twice
Jazzanova – I can see (instrumental)
Nick Chacona & Anthony Mansfield – Oh Snap (Ilija Rudman)
Groove Armada – The Girls Say (Greg Wilson Version)
For Disco Only – Magenta
Findlay Brown – All that I have (Lord Skywave)
Marc E – Rummage Through A Sack Of Potatoes
Norma Jean Bell – Do You Wanna Party? (Original KDJ Mix)
Groove Armada – Love Sweet Sound (Greg Wilson Version)
Loui$ - Pink Footpath (Instrumental)

Monday, June 15, 2009

John Jamali 70hop

Direct Download

A 50 minute mix of 40's mood pieces, hip hop, cosmic disco,80's pop and 70's disco

Some of you may complain about low fi sounds and the crackles and pops of old records. Personally, I love them and believe it adds another dimension to the track. There is a reason why producers these days try to replicate it, our ears have grown to love that warm fuzzy sound.

Sexy Sax - Cha Cha For Gina
Luiz Carlos Vinhas - Nem O Mar Sabia
Sexy Sax - Mon Cherie
Dj Vadim Ft Heidi Vogel - Beijos
Josef Myro and Kim Gannon - Autumn Nocturne
Dj Vadim - Rock Dem Hot
My Name is Bohannon - Summertime Groove
Moodymann - Det.Riot
Ritmolider - Tonight at the Discotheque
Hot City - If All we're gonna do is dance
Francine McGEE - Feelin' Good
Ritmolider - Futuristic Romance
Boney M - He was a steppenwolf
Depeche Mode - Stripped (highland mix)
Dj Vadim - Tj he ma ne toddy
Chess - One Night in Bankgkok
Gepy & Gepy - African Love Song(Kotey edit)
Osibisa - The Lion's Walk
Hot City - I took His Money
Rufus & Chaka Khan - Any love

I tried to play some older tracks in this mix. I am currently enjoying some older jazz, film scores and dance band records. The first track Cha Cha for Gina was taken from the following album - Sexy Sax - The Oscar Volk Orchestra. I have tried to research this record but there does not seem to be much information on it. Regardless, it is a gem that I really dig. Autumn Nocturne by Josef Myrow and Kim Gannon was an extremely popular mood piece for dance bands in the 40s, very warm. Mood Music for relaxation! Again, I really love the crackling in these tracks.

I have been ranting and raving about Dj Vadims new album quite a lot this week, but it seriously features some top notch tunes. I have played some tracks from his latest album again. Dj Vadim Ft Heidi Vogel - Beijos, is so far, up there on my favourite tune list for 2009.

The Vadim album is the third quality release on BBE over a year. I am still going on about the Dj Marky compilation which was released on BBE last year. In fact, the final Rufus and Chaka Khan track has been taken from that compilation (sorry for ruining the track by playing it at +6). The Dj Marky 3 x LP is a must for djs who want various sounds to play in lounge/bars.

Rumour has it that Pepe Braddock is releasing a new album very soon on BBE, going by what has been put out recently on BBE I am anticipating it is going to be the real deal in deepness.

Finally, a record that deserves some mention ,Hott City - Ain't Love Grand - discogs . I managed to find an old promo copy at a garage sale. A really cool cover and more importantly record. I have not played much 70s disco in a while and decided it was time to pull this one out. Probably the crackliest low fi 70s disco record I have lying around the house, so it made the cut for this mix. : )

The want it list vs the have list on discogs suggests this may start to become quite pricey. I doubt I will ever sell my copy. But is it worth the 50 euro price tag some people are asking? If you love your 70s disco then yes it is!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Swatvac ;)

Direct Link


1 hour mix of Acid, cosmic disco, glitch hop and drum and bass

Alexander robotnick – obsession (andy blake’s analogue obsession) [Dissident]
Armando – 151 (Terrace mix)
Laurent Garnier – Gnanmankoudji
Hercule – Sunday Morning Fever
Pepe Braddock – Pistes Insolites (promo)
Panoptikum – Gluckskugel
Airey Dun – Cockney wide boy
Arms Neumond – Late night flight
M Collins/ K Dixon Jnr – Aggregate Goals [Mahogany Music]
Mafia Sound System – Angelic Sphere
Luna Flicks - Eurora
Mafia Sound System – Ternary Beat
Depeche Mode – A pain that I’m used to (Bitstream spansule mix)
Hashim – Al-Naafiysh (the soul)
Dj Trace – Miles High (Dj Marky re-work)
Marcus intalex – Astro Dance ep b1
Marcus intalex – Astro Dance ep a2
Marcus intalex – Astro Dance ep a1

Friday, May 29, 2009

Film Scores

John Jamali - Melancholic Hills

Direct Link

John Jamali - Melancholic Hills

I have been reading up on Vangelis a lot after writing my film scores and would have to say he is one of the most interesting artists of modern times. According to his wiki page he is a self taught musician with no formal training who in fact rejected training as a child. He refuses to be interviewed yet he has sold millions of records (without even showing his face in public). He draws many parallels to another favourite artist of mine Kenny Dixon Jnr and I guess that is why their music is so good.

The V man has motivated me to write some film scores. I have finished about 8 now and will try to get them all online as soon as possible. In the meantime, I have uploaded one on this page for preview. I do not really like clicking a mouse or quantizing beats so I write the whole body of the track live with keys, mainly using “thor” within Reason.

Its good to see Carl Craig is also heading in this direction and I hope to hear more ambient work from him. I believe in the 90’s Danny Howelss was also doing the same and there are some really good compilations with his name floating around discogs I think.

Groove Therapy

One of my mixes will be featured on Groove Therapy this week. For those of you that do not know much about Groove Therapy the details are listed below. I follow this show regularly and love the records played (this cats collection is something dreams are made of - both new and old). I hope you all tune in.


funk - soul - disco - hip hop - beats - house
and anything else that feels right at the time
Friday lunchtime 12 - 1.30pm 107.3 2SER FM


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

John Jamali Kiss Fm this thursday at 2am

Just a heads up! I will be doing a live show on Melbourne's Kiss FM this thursday night/friday morning at 2am. Tune in at 87.6 - 87.9 on the fm dial or stream it live at

John Jamali ;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quick Laydown

A quick 20 minute mix

Quick Laydown

1)Richard Gateaux - Shadows

2)Heaven 17 - Let Me Go (instrumental)

3)State Of Grace - That's When We'll Be Free

4)The Detroit Experiment - Think Twice (mark E Remix)

5)Jorge Ben - Oe Oe Faz O Carro De Boi Na Estrada

6) Ray Parker Jr. - For Those Who Like To Groove

This mix goes out to the new remixes of think twice.

Two separate records released on junorecords 10th anniversary series. The remixes have been released on different 12 inch singles and are the first records this year to give me that awesome tingle and shiver. Tell me what you all think.

Discogs 1st Remix

Discogs 2nd Remix

Another record I picked up recently from Northside, which I have to say is one of Melbourne's finest second hand stores - "State of Grace - That's when we'll be free." I did not expect it to be such a ripper. I think I will be playing this one alot Discogs .

Some of the more recent stuff on environ sounds a lot like this, what a tune made back in 1982. I have been told by my youtube buddies that back in the early 80's this was a classic on kiss and local disc jokies would play it on end. I will try to feature the b-side again in a mix as both mixes are ace.

While up in NSW, I also managed to hunt down this 7 inch - Discogs. A crazy b-side instrumental of an ordinary tune.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Deep House Mix

Deep House Mix

Here is an older mix I did where I was laying down some deep house. Circa 98-2002 records where being played towards the end, some real nice ones. I am a big fan of this sound and have been trying to find more records with that warmth that labels like 'nuphonic' and 'seasons' etc were releasing back in those good ol days.

My favourite is the CPEN whitelabel promo which was subsequently released on seasons back in 2002 Discogs. I am not sure if my version is any different to the release on seasons. This record deserves lots of praise, CPEN has produced some awesome analogue warmth in all 4 tunes on the ep. Nice one CPEN, his new music is great as well - legend.

Also, this mix features one of my fav house tunes from 2006. This tune was being put in every techno and house mix I was hearing but the actual record itself was so hard to come across in Australia. Don't worry, it has been reissued now and released on traxsource. Before all this, it was going for a good $100USD. Discogs.

1) Nite Grooves - Mode
2) Japanese Synchro System - High Touch
3) Boo Williams And Adem Pickell - Calipso For The Masses
4) Lenny Fontana - Mystical Journey
5) Jay West - Abscense
6) Giattino - Released Pressure
7) Audio Soul Project - Everything Is Alright (Francois K Acapella)
8) Audio Soul Project - Everything Is Alright (Audio Soul Dark Touch)
9) Mr White - The Sun Cant Compare
10) Kerri Chandler - Atmosphere
11) Blueless - Ok
12) Sindacops - Happy Prive
13) Sarah Jane Morris - Ever Gonna Make It
14) CPEN - Whitelable
15) Soul Motive - Nightshift Ep
16) Cpen - White Lable
17) Soul Motive - White Lable
18) Glen Underground - Jazz Mode
19) CPEN - White Label
20) Glen Underground - Trak A1 70$
21) Cpen - Options