Saturday, July 28, 2012

John Jamali packing bags mix

1.Brooklyn Club Jam (L.S.B Baqueira Jam Mix) –Produced by Marcos Cabral and Jacques Renault - Mixed by - Brennan Green and Runaway 2.Avidia – Hipnosis : Droid 3.Giorgio Moroder with Phillip Oakley – Together in electric dreams (instrumental) 4.Lenny White – My Turn To Love You (Dub) remixed by Francois Kevorkian 5.Don’t Let Go (PH Edit) 6.The Utopia Project – File #1 – written, produced and mixed by Rheji Burrell – 1990 Nugroove Records 7.Suburban Knight – my sol dark direction – Roundtable chronicles – peacefrog recordings 2003 8.Wireman – Armour (Move D remix) – produced by Move D – prime numbers records 9.Suburban Knight – my sol dark direction – Niagre falls – peacefrog recordings 2003

Friday, June 4, 2010

John Jamali soundcloud - Click here for my soundcloud

What have I been listening to religiously since my last post.

Electro- AUX 88, I-F, Legowelt, Model 500, Kraftwerk,Ghetto and booty tech, robotdj mixes, persian 7 inches and cassettes, rap and lots of Detroit and Drexciya techno, RIP :(

I have also been writting tunes again. I will slowly start uploading most of them. I just set up a soundcloud with previews of a few, check it at, Soundcloud .

Monday, December 21, 2009

John Jamali - Mama Jam

Direct Download

A new Trip/Glitch Hop style track I am working on. Here is a lower quality cut for you all. The track has not been mastered or mixed yet, I will get round to doing this when I am in the correct state of mind. So turn it up LOUD! The way intended to be played. ;)

Edit -

Finished Recording.

Mama Jam by jayjsmooth

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

John Jamali - old, new and old made new again.

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Direct Download

Noid 0108 – Blow me slow
Marvin Gaye – Whats Going On ( Eddie Scissors Edits)
Laid Back – Fly Away
Wang Chung – The Waves (Instrumental)
Escape From New York – Fire in my heart
Grace Jones – Nipple To The Bottle
Yellow Power – Hai Samurai
Fishbelly Black – The Muse (produced by George Mitchell)
The San Sebastian Strings – The Gypsy Camp
Fudge Fingas - Situation Diminished
Moodymann – Heaven (KDJ Records)
Gregory Isaacs – Cool Down The Pace ( 10 inch mix)
2000f & J Kamata – You Don’t Know What Love is (Hyperdub)
Make Dance
Eugene Wilde – Gotta Get You Home Tonight (Vocal)
Mayer Hawthorne – I Wish It Would Rain ( Instrumental)
The Brothers Johnson – Strawberry Letter

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


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Direct Download

One day I hope to own my own Bozak.

The tracklist will be provided on Monday.

Friday, October 30, 2009

John Jamali Disco/Slow Chug mix

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Direct Download

I will provide a full list of the records played with a discogs link once I have finished my exams. Here is a quick list of some artists featured -
Heaven 17,Linkwood,Afee Iku, ORS - Body to Body Boogie, Arnold Jarvis, Chic booty, Phoreski, Richard Gateaux - fat fuk recordings, Marc e, Discodeine.

Remember I told you all how I found a really nice 7 inch while I was digging up in Newcastle? I only really enjoyed the B-side instrumental and even went as far to say that the A side was an "average" record. I never thought I would like the A-side of the Heaven 17 track, it seemed so tragic. But, I guess my tastes have changed and I decided to play it in this mix (second last track) and did not mind it at all. In fact, I would say my hearts bpm was nudged forward a couple of beats ;), haha get it?

As promised, more later.